Gervonta Davis Net Worth – 2024 Updated

Gervonta Davis is a globally recognized professional boxer. He has an impressive net worth. In 2024, according to my research and analysis, his estimated net worth is $10 million. His financial achievement is largely due to his successful boxing career.

He has clinched numerous world championship titles. His income sources extend beyond fight purses, including shares from Pay-Per-View (PPV) and various brand endorsements.

A notable highlight is his bout against Rolando Romero, where Davis made a guaranteed $2 million, which surged to $5 million after factoring in PPV sales.

His financial success is undisputed, reflecting his dominance in the boxing ring. Gain further insight into Gervonta Davis’ net worth and his path to financial success.

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What Is Gervonta Davis Net Worth?

Gervonta Davis is a name synonymous with professional boxing. He has a net worth reflecting his success. His fans are curious about how much is Gervonta Davis net worth. In 2024, Davis’ net worth is reported to be around $10 million by reputable sources. This wealth is primarily amassed from his thriving boxing career and various brand endorsements.

He, often called “Tank,” has held multiple world championship titles, further boosting his financial standing. His earnings are not only limited to fight purses. They also encompass Pay-Per-View (PPV) shares, significantly adding to his net worth following his bout against Rolando Romero.

In one of his significant fights against Santa Cruz in 2020, he earned an estimated $16,875,000. Such high-profile bouts significantly contribute to his overall net worth.

His financial success is as noteworthy as his performance in the ring. It is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his sport. To delve deeper into Gervonta Davis’ net worth, carry on reading.

Gervonta Davis: Net Worth Growth Year By Year

Here, you may know what is Gervonta Tank Davis net worth year by year.

YearGervonta Davis Net Worth    (Estimated)
2024$10 million
2022$8.5 million
2021$7 million
2019$ 4 million

Gervonta Davis: Cars And Other Luxuries

Gervonta Davis is a protege of the globally renowned Floyd Mayweather Jr. His mentor’s extravagant lifestyle has significantly influenced him. He has amassed considerable wealth over the years and isn’t shy about spending it on luxury items. 

He has a penchant for high-end vehicles, with a collection that boasts some of the most luxurious models on the market. One standout is the USSV Rhino GX, a massive vehicle powered by a V8 engine. This beast reportedly set Davis back $331,000. 

He also owns two coveted Lamborghini models: the Urus and the Aventador. The Urus, equipped with a 4.0-liter, V8 twin-turbo petrol engine boasting 641 horsepower, cost him around $400,000. 

The Aventador features a V12 engine, delivering an impressive 730 horsepower. Capable of reaching speeds up to 217 mph, this vehicle can accelerate from zero to sixty mph in just three seconds.

Davis’ car collection also includes:

Car ModelPrice (USD)
McLaren 765LT$450,000
Mercedes-AMG G63$156,000
Cadillac Escalade ESV$200,000
Corvette C8 Stingray$100,000

Besides his automotive interests, he has a fascination with jewelry. He often sports chains, rings, and other pieces, favoring expensive diamond-encrusted necklaces and watches.

Reports suggest he lives in a Las Vegas mansion with a swimming pool, basketball court, and jacuzzi. 5n 2024, he continues to enjoy and invest in these luxuries, further solidifying his indulgent lifestyle.

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Gervonta Davis: Amateur Career Contributed To Net Worth

Gervonta Davis is widely known as “Tank.” He boasts an impressive amateur record. His journey in the boxing ring began long before his professional debut, setting the foundation for his net worth.

Numerous victories mark his early career. He clinched the National Silver Gloves Championship thrice consecutively from 2006 to 2008. His winning streak didn’t stop there. He also triumphed in the 2012 National Golden Gloves Championship.

His dedication and hard work are evident in his amateur record. His tally is 206 wins and 15 losses. His record of 206-15 showcases his consistent performance in the ring. 

He participated in over 220 amateur fights. His skill and determination during these bouts laid a strong foundation for his professional career. It’s no surprise that his net worth has seen a steady rise since.

Davis’ net worth has also grown due to brand endorsements and PPV shares. His amateur career set the stage for his financial success. His amateur career is as noteworthy as his professional one. 

Gervonta Davis: Professional Career That Boosts Net Worth

Gervonta Davis boasts an impressive professional record. As of 2024, he has fought 29 times with no losses. His career spanning from 2013 to 2024 showcases his consistent performance in the ring, contributing significantly to his net worth. A string of victories marks his professional career. 

He holds an undefeated record of 29 wins, with a remarkable 93.1% of those wins coming by knockout. This impressive statistic demonstrates his incredible power and precision in the ring. Nicknamed “Tank,” he has won championships in multiple weight classes, including super featherweight and lightweight.

These victories solidify his place in boxing history and contribute to his net worth. Out of Davis’ 29 wins, 27 have come from knockouts. This high knockout percentage further emphasizes his dominance in the sport. His ability to consistently deliver powerful punches has made him a fan favorite, leading to lucrative Pay-Per-View (PPV) deals. 

In addition to his boxing earnings, Davis’ net worth includes income from brand endorsements. These endorsements and his boxing winnings have contributed to Gervonta Davis’ net worth.

His professional career is as impressive as his amateur background. His dedication to the sport and his natural talent have made him a formidable figure in the boxing world. Davis’ net worth continues to grow with each victory, reflecting his success in and out of the ring.

Gervonta Davis: Net Worth Through Others Ventures

Gervonta Davis has built an impressive net worth from his boxing career and other ventures. Beyond his earnings from boxing, he also makes a significant income from Pay-Per-View (PPV) shares. 

Brand endorsements are another substantial revenue stream for him. He’s worked with brands like Under Armour, supplementing his boxing income and contributing to his net worth.

He also ventured into the world of fashion. In 2020, he launched his clothing line, “Snoody,” further diversifying his income. This entrepreneurial endeavor adds another layer to Davis’ impressive net worth.

His social media presence also plays a role in his net worth. With millions of followers on Instagram, he has capitalized on this popularity through sponsored posts and partnerships.

His success in boxing, business ventures, brand endorsements, and social media presence have contributed significantly to his net worth.

Gervonta Davis: Last 10 Boxing Match Earnings

Match Vs.Fight to Pursue
Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia$10 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia$4 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Rolly Romero$3.2 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz$3 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios$3.5 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz$3 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa$3 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Ricardo Nunez$1.5 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Hugo Ruiz$1.2 million
Gervonta Davis vs. Jesus Cuellar$1 million

Gervonta Davis: Biography

Information CategoryDetails
Full NameGervonta B. Davis
ProfessionAmerican Professional Boxer
Date of BirthNovember 7, 1994
Place of BirthBaltimore, Maryland
EducationG.E.D. Diploma, Digital Harbor High School
ParentsGarrin Davis and Kenya Brown
Height166 cm 
Weight134.5 lbs
Boxing Record29 wins, 0 losses
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth (2024)$10 million
Monthly Income (2024)Approximately $35,000
Annual Salary (2024)Over $0.25 million
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignScorpio
Income Sources (2024)Boxing Earnings, Business Income, Endorsement Deals 
Last Update2024

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Gervonta Davis: Early Life

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Gervonta Davis faced a challenging childhood. He was Born on November 7, 1994. He lived amidst crime and violence.

This early exposure to adversity shaped his resilience and determination, which shone through in his boxing career.

He is popularly known as ‘Tank.’ He was the youngest of three brothers. 

His neighborhood, Sandtown-Winchester, was infamous for its high crime rates. By age eight, he had already stepped into the ring, a decision that would drastically alter his life’s trajectory.

He is recognized as a formidable figure in professional boxing. He holds the title of the WBA Super Featherweight Champion. His journey from the rough streets of Baltimore to the boxing ring is inspiring and indicative of his grit and perseverance.

Despite his fame, he remains grounded. He acknowledges his past and uses it as fuel to push towards greater heights. Today, he is a beacon of hope for many young individuals facing similar adversities.

Gervonta Davis: Personal Life

Gervonta Davis was born into a challenging environment in Baltimore, Maryland. The youngest of three brothers, he was exposed to the harsh realities of life at an early age when his mother lost custody of her children.

But he channeled his energy into boxing, transforming his adversities into motivation. Today, he is a renowned professional boxer, holding multiple world championships. His journey from the crime-ridden streets of Baltimore to the global boxing stage is a testament to his resilience and determination.

He holds the WBA Super Featherweight Champion title, a remarkable feat for the 28-year-old.

He is a proud father to two children. He is currently in a relationship with an Instagram influencer and businesswoman, Vanessa Posso. His life isn’t without controversy. He has faced legal troubles, including a hit-and-run case in Baltimore. These incidents have been challenging, but he continues to focus on his boxing career and personal growth.

His journey from a challenging childhood to boxing stardom is a powerful testament to his determination and resilience.

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramGervonta Davis (@gervontaa)
TwitterGervonta Davis (@Gervontaa)
FacebookGervonta “Tank” Davis
WikipediaGervonta “Tank” Davis

Gervonta Davis Net Worth: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Gervonta Tank Davis Net Worth In 2024?

Gervonta Tank Davis’s estimated net worth 2024 is around $10 million.

What Are The Primary Sources Of Gervonta Davis’s Net Worth?

Gervonta Davi’s wealth primarily comes from his boxing purses and brand endorsements.

Has Gervonta Davis Made A Lot Of Money In Partnership With Floyd Mayweather?

Gervonta Davis’s partnership with Floyd Mayweather has significantly boosted his earnings.

How Has Gervonta Davis’s Net Worth Changed Over The Years?

Gervonta Davis’s net worth has increased as his boxing career progressed.

Is Gervonta Davis Considered A Financially Successful Athlete?

With a net worth of around $10 million, Gervonta Davis is considered a financially successful athlete.

Gervonta Davis Net Worth: Final Verdict

Gervonta Davis’s net worth in 2024 is an impressive testament to his boxing prowess. Estimates of his net worth are about $10 million. This income stems primarily from his successful boxing career and brand endorsements.

His earnings spotlight the financial potential of professional boxing. Davis’s net worth reflects his hard work, talent, and dedication to the sport. In 2020 alone, he earned around $16 million from a match against Santa Cruz.

Gervonta Davis’s net worth in 2024 reaffirms his standing as a world-class boxer and a financially successful athlete. His journey continues to inspire aspiring boxers worldwide.

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