Kunal Puri

Kunal Puri is a notable figure in the business world. He currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Success at Infosys Equinox. He is showcasing his prowess in digital transformation leadership.

He is renowned for aligning strategic goals with technology to drive business value. Kunal Puri is also the CEO of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He is a leading janitorial service provider. 

He was born in India and later immigrated to the United States. Kunal Puri has made significant strides in his career. His journey has been challenging. He faced legal issues in the past, notably an insurance scam.

Kunal Puri continues to influence the sectors he operates in. His story serves as a reminder of the complexities and realities of navigating the business world.

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Kunal Puri: Who is He?

CB Rank (Person)1,551
LocationHouston, Texas, United States
RegionsGreater Houston Area, Southern US
Websitekunalpuri. co
LinkedInKunal Puri: LinkedIn

Kunal Puri is a passionate golfer and philanthropist. He is the CEO of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He has made significant strides in the medical cleaning industry.

He relishes any opportunity to play golf. Whether on a sunny day in Texas or at a charity event, you will likely find him on the greens. Kunal Puri is not just an avid golfer. He is also a keen supporter of children’s charities. He often participates in golf tournaments, contributing to these causes.

In 2023, Kunal Puri continued his involvement in such charitable events. There’s been a notable increase in golf charity events this year. His commitment to his business, golf, and charity work makes Kunal Puri remarkable professionally and personally.

Kunal Puri: Diverse Skill Set That Contributes To His Success In Business 

  • Facilities Management: He excels in managing physical spaces, ensuring they are safe and efficient.
  • Contract Negotiation: He adeptly navigates the complexities of contract discussions, securing beneficial terms.
  • Team Building: He fosters a collaborative environment, promoting effective teamwork.
  • Leadership: His leadership style inspires others to reach their full potential.
  • Strategic Planning: He creates detailed plans to achieve long-term business goals.
  • Budgets: He adeptly manages financial resources, optimizing costs and profits.
  • Operations Management: His expertise in overseeing daily operations ensures efficiency and productivity.
  • Contract Management: Puri effectively oversees contractual agreements, ensuring all parties adhere to stipulated terms.
  • Negotiation: He possesses strong negotiation skills, securing favorable outcomes for his company.
  • Project Management: He successfully leads projects from inception to completion, meeting objectives on time and within budget.

In 2023, these skills continue to drive Kunal Puri’s success, with notable achievements in each area. His approach to strategic planning and budget management has resulted in significant cost savings for his company this year.

Kunal Puri: Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services

Company Information: Quick View
Company Name: Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services Inc.
Company Type: Domestic For-Profit Corporation
Status: In Existence (for over 15 years)
Company Number: 0800944658
Incorporation Date: 29th February 2008
Jurisdiction: Texas, US
Registered Address: 10501 Corporate Drive, Stafford, TX, 77477, USA
Alternative Trading Name: Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services Inc.
Agent Name: Kunal Puri
Agent Address: 10501 Corporate Drive, Stafford, TX, 77477, USA
Board Composition: 5 officers (details accessible upon log-in)
Registry Page Access: Log-in required for primary source and additional information

Houston, Texas, is growing fast. Dependable janitorial services are in high demand. Local businesses prioritize a clean environment for their employees, clients, and partners.

Under Kunal Puri’s leadership, Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has become a trusted provider. The company offers expert cleaning services to various industries.

Kunal Puri is an immigrant from India. He is the founder of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. His goal was to offer the Texan community superior cleaning solutions. His unique skills, honesty, and transparent business practices have been key to the company’s success.

Kunal Puri brought industry veterans Marcelo Sautu and Victor Gonzalez on board. Their leadership helped expand the company’s services to hospitals, surgery centers, and MOBs. This strategy led Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services to reach $25 million in revenue in 2023.

Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has built its reputation on transparency, sustainability, and customizability. Kunal Puri ensures customers face no unexpected charges. He also emphasizes environmental protection and offers customizable cleaning services.

Under Kunal Puri’s leadership, Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has created many jobs. This contributes to the local economy and equips individuals with valuable skills. Kunal Puri’s gratitude to the Texan community shows his active participation in children’s charities and community events.

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Kunal Puri: Participation In Children’s Charities And Community Events

Kunal Puri is a notable figure in the Houston community. His commitment to children’s charities and community events is well-documented and commendable.

He understands a supportive environment’s profound impact on individuals, families, and small businesses. This understanding has crystallized into action. He actively participates in numerous charities. These organizations provide education, basic needs assistance, and opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Kunal Puri believes that charity is an act of kindness that can significantly improve the lives of the less fortunate. His contributions to children’s causes offer opportunities for these children, nurturing them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

He uses his passion for golf to contribute to charitable causes. His actions demonstrate how personal interests can be harnessed for the greater good.

Kunal Puri sets an example of impactful community involvement. His dedication to children’s charities and community events enriches lives and fosters a culture of giving back. His actions are a testament to the power of community participation and charity in creating positive change.

Kunal Puri: Participation In Charity Golf Tournaments

Kunal Puri participates in charity golf tournaments. His active involvement in these events showcases his passion for the sport and his commitment to supporting charitable causes. Charity golf tournaments have become a significant source of fundraising. The industry generates an impressive $4 billion annually.

Kunal Puri’s participation in these events contributes to this figure. His involvement extends beyond just playing in these tournaments. He actively encourages others to participate, understanding the potential impact of collective efforts.

With an average of 72 golfers participating in each event, every additional player can make a substantial difference. Several prominent charity golf tournaments are held throughout the year. They offer numerous opportunities for participation.

His active involvement in these events underscores his dedication to community service. His participation in charity golf tournaments is not just about raising funds but also raising awareness. These events provide a platform to highlight the work of various charities and the vital support they offer.

Kunal Puri: Facing Trial For $1.1 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme

A Houston-based entrepreneur is now under scrutiny for an alleged long-term fraudulent scheme. Kunal Puri was arrested in Stafford, Texas, on January 11, 2022. After his arrest, he was moved to the Fort Bend County jail, where he posted a $20,000 bond.

In December, a grand jury in Travis County returned two indictments against Kunal Puri and several of his corporations. These include Sehgal & Sons Enterprises, Ultra Building Services Inc., and Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services.

It is claimed that from July 24, 2009, to August 16, 2016, Kunal Puri allegedly concealed employees and their payroll under other companies. This was reportedly done to reduce workers’ compensation insurance premiums and secure work contracts.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Prosecution and Fraud Units collaborated closely with the impacted insurance carriers. These include Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Service Lloyds, and Travelers.

Debra Knight, DWC’s Deputy Commissioner of Compliance and Investigations, asserted their commitment to identifying and investigating individuals who exploit the workers’ compensation system for personal gain.

Kunal Puri is accused of securing the execution of documents by deception with an intent to harm or defraud. It is important to note an indictment is an allegation of criminal behavior, not evidence. Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Kunal Puri could face up to 99 years in prison if found guilty.

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Kunal Puri: FAQs

Who Is Kunal Puri?

Kunal Puri is the CEO of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He is also an avid golfer and actively participates in charity golf tournaments.

What Does Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services Do?

Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services provides comprehensive cleaning solutions for medical facilities. Under Kunal Puri’s leadership, the company has become a trusted name in the industry.

What Charities Is Kunal Puri Involved With?

Kunal Puri is actively involved with children’s charities and regularly participates in charity golf tournaments. His philanthropic efforts have made significant impacts on these organizations.

Where Is Kunal Puri Based?

Puri is based in Houston, Texas. He immigrated to the United States from India in 2001 and has since built a successful career in the city.

What Are Kunal Puri’s Other Interests?

Apart from his professional endeavors, Kunal Puri is passionate about golf. He often uses this passion to contribute to charitable causes, participating in numerous charity golf events.

Kunal Puri: Summary

Kunal Puri, the CEO of Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services CEO. He is a notable figure in both the business and charitable sectors.  His strategic leadership has been instrumental in delivering value through digital transformation.

Despite facing legal challenges, his commitment to community service remains unwavering. He actively participates in charity golf tournaments and children’s charities, making a significant impact.

Born in India, Puri immigrated to the United States in 2001. He has since built a successful career in Houston, Texas. His journey is a testament to resilience and dedication, demonstrating that one can positively contribute to society despite adversity.

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