Keion Henderson Net Worth

Are you curious about the financial success of influential figures? Keion Henderson has undoubtedly made an impact through his inspirational work with his dynamic speaking style and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

This blog will delve into his multifaceted career and widespread influence, his financial achievements, and the far-reaching impact of his endeavors. 

Keion Henderson has established himself as a significant figure in both business and spirituality through his dedication. Let’s dive into his journey and the scope of his contributions across various domains.

Keion Henderson Net Worth

What Is Keion Henderson Net Worth?

According to my research and analysis, Keion Henderson net worth is $8 million in 2024. Keion Henderson is an influential pastor and motivational speaker.

Keion Henderson’s wealth isn’t solely attributed to his role as a pastor, but also stems from his diverse career as an author, singer, and social media influencer. 

His dynamic presence in various domains has undoubtedly contributed to his impressive financial standing. Henderson has made a significant impact through his spiritual leadership but also diversified his influence across multiple platforms.

Keion Henderson: Monthly And Annual Income

Keion Henderson is known for his engaging and impactful public speaking engagements in addition to his role as a pastor. It contributes significantly to his monthly and annual income.

Pastor Keion Henderson’s monthly income is reported to be over $40,000, while his annual income exceeds $500,000. These figures underline his unwavering dedication to his calling.

Keion Henderson: Biography, Education, And Family 

Pastor Keion Henderson was born on July 6, 1981, in Gary, Indiana. Keion’s navigated life alongside five siblings was an experience that undoubtedly contributed to his compassionate and inclusive outlook on the world.

He completed his high school education at Central High School in East Chicago in 1999. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and, Master’s degree in theology. 

In 2010, Keion married his first wife, Felecia Henderson, and the couple welcomed a daughter in 2012. They maintain a co-parenting relationship despite their subsequent divorce in 2019.

Keion remarried on May 28, 2022, to Shaunie O’Neal. He is a devoted father to his beautiful daughters, including his stepdaughters from Felecia’s previous relationships.

Career MilestonesGuided church growth from 2009, CEO of Tax Solutions since 2008, motivational speaker
Notable Awards and HonorsTop Fifty Educators, Great Man of the Year
Net Worth$8 million
Personal LifeBorn on July 6, 1981, in Gary, Indiana. Devout Christian.
FamilyMother: Gwen Scott. Siblings: Jarvis Wright, Portia Chandler, Keionna MsKee Singleton, Ebony Dennard MMethodius-Ngwodo, Danyelle Brumley
Marital StatusMarried 

Keion Henderson: Professional Journey 

Keion Henderson’s professional journey is one defined by relentless passion, unwavering dedication, and transformative leadership. His commitment to equipping individuals for success extends beyond the confines of traditional ministry. 

Henderson offers immersive learning experiences through initiatives such as the Business Start-Up Lab and Project LEAD. He established of Keion Henderson TV, a pioneering platform focused on Christian inspiration and innovation-based television.

The Lighthouse Church

Keion Henderson is synonymous with The Lighthouse Church, a beacon of faith and community empowerment located in Houston, Texas. He is the Founder, CEO, and Senior Pastor of this vibrant congregation. 

Henderson has cultivated an environment where individuals can experience spiritual nourishment and personal growth. The Church stands as a testament to Henderson’s visionary leadership and offering a dynamic worship experience. 

The church serves as a catalyst for positive change and spiritual enlightenment within the Houston area from inspirational sermons to impactful outreach programs.

Take Action Now, Inc.

Take Action Now, Inc., spearheaded by the dynamic Pastor Keion Henderson. It stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment. 

The organization is deeply committed to advancing the growth and development of individuals within the community as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

The vision of this impactful initiative is intertwined with the profound influence of bestselling author and spiritual leader, Keion D. Henderson.


Keion Henderson’s literary prowess shines through in his impactful works, notably “The Shift: Courageously Moving from Season to Season.” 

This compelling book delves into the intricacies of navigating life’s transitions with unwavering courage and faith. With a focus on discovering God’s purpose and finding the strength to pursue one’s dreams.

Henderson’s eloquent prose has resonated deeply with readers, earning praise for its inspirational and eye-opening content. 

The impact of “The Shift” extends beyond the written word, as it is also available in audio format, narrated by Keion Henderson himself.

Henderson has made significant strides as an author, with the release of his book “The Christ Compass.” it is a religious guide that demonstrates his commitment to sharing timeless wisdom and insights with a broader audience. 


Keion D. Henderson is also making waves in the music scene. His songs, including “H.O.L.Y.,”  “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and “The River,” are available on popular music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Viewers can witness Pastor Keion Henderson’s emotive live performances on YouTube. Keion D. Henderson provides a platform for fans to engage with his music and discover new tracks with an official account on SoundCloud.

Keion Henderson: Collaborations And Brands Promotions 

 Keion Henderson magnifies his impact through his various collaborations and promotions, including:

  • Keion Henderson’s collaboration with Earnest Pugh on “The Earnest Pugh Medley of Life” weaves together soul-stirring vocals and spiritual reverence in a musical tapestry that resonates deeply with audiences.
  • His participation in the “Kingdom Collaboration” event shares uplifting messages and musical expressions of faith.
  • Henderson is involved in thought-provoking discussions, such as the “Old School Church Vs. New School Church Debate,” alongside esteemed figures like Marvin Winans.
  • Henderson’s collaboration with IAM Brands Consulting underscores his astute navigation of business realms.
  • Henderson’s foray into merchandise, including apparel and other products contributed to his overall earnings and highlighted the potency of his brand.
  • Henderson’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs is evident in his “Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business In 5 Days” program, where he offers invaluable business coaching alongside Shaunie.

Pastor Keion Henderson encapsulates the essence of modern leadership, seamlessly blending faith, entrepreneurship, and empowerment through these strategic brand promotions.

Keion Henderson: Social Media Presence

Henderson’s digital footprint reflects an unwavering commitment to reaching and uplifting diverse audiences with a staggering 448k followers on Instagram alone.

He shares insights, biblical wisdom, and announcements related to his ministry and initiatives on Twitter.

Pastor Keion Henderson’s Facebook presence, with over 649,494 likes, signifies a robust community of individuals who resonate with his message of transformation and empowerment.

Keion Henderson brings his dynamic leadership and thought-provoking insights to the forefront through engaging content such as “Deep Breaths” and “Reasonable Doubts.” 

Keion Henderson

Keion Henderson: Achievements

Pastor Henderson’s musical prowess shines through his debut album, “The River,” which garnered a prestigious nomination for the Stellar Award. 

He is recognized as a Top 20 Influential Leader by Dr. John C. Maxwell and acknowledged as one of the Top 250 Leaders in the Nation. 

FAQs: Keion Henderson Net Worth

What Is Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth In 2024?

Keion Henderson net worth in 2024 is $8 million.

What Is Pastor Keion Henderson’s Role At The Lighthouse Church?

Pastor Keion Henderson serves as the Founder, CEO, and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas

How Many Biological Kids Does Keion Henderson Have?

Keion Henderson has three children in total and they are all daughters.

Final Words: Keion Henderson Net Worth

Keion Henderson net worth is $8 million in 2024. His wealth transcends monetary value, encompassing a rich tapestry of spiritual guidance, entrepreneurial acumen, and impactful leadership. 

His unwavering commitment to uplifting communities, fostering faith, and empowering individuals reflects a wealth that extends far beyond financial metrics. 

Pastor Henderson embodies the essence of holistic abundance, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of spirituality, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

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