Running a Warehouse? See Which WSC Devices Can Save You Money

Whether you’re running an e-commerce and retail business, are a manufacturer, work in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, or simply sell food and beverages, the chances are you also run a warehouse.

Equipping a well-functioning warehouse is more than just assembling long rows of shelves and making sure the alleys are wide enough for a forklift to go through without bumping into anything.

You also need devices and automation systems in your warehouse that, when integrated with a WCS, can make daily management operations run smoothly as a breeze.

Running a Warehouse? See Which WSC Devices Can Save You Money

Money-Saving Devices Used in WSC You Should Consider Investing In

The machinery a warehouse owner has at their disposal is pretty wide. Among the sorters, shuttles, and pick stations, four main devices are proven to facilitate warehouse management – see what devices used in WSC can help you significantly cut down on daily operations.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners help warehouse owners save money by making inventory tracking faster and more accurate, cutting down on the time and qualified staff needed to check what’s currently in stock. With a Warehouse Control System (WCS), these scanners minimize mistakes that can happen when things are done by hand. They also help avoid having too much or too little stock, which – again – can cost you money. 

RFID Readers

Those handy devices are known for making it quicker and easier to keep track of what’s in stock with a WCS. They can scan lots of items at once without needing to see each tag, which cuts down on the work needed. In short, RFID readers reduce costs related to inventory mistakes and labor.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) 

Towing, fork trucks, and heavy load carriers do all the heavy lifting for you. Their main job is to move items around, which means you can hire fewer warehouse workers. Automated guided vehicles can work all day and night without stopping, so things get done faster. AGVs are also known for being careful, so there’s less chance of accidents or breaking your precious inventory.

Voice Picking Systems 

In a WCS, voice picking systems tell your workers what items to collect through headphones. Result? They work faster and make fewer mistakes. Making fewer mistakes means the warehouse doesn’t lose money on wrong orders or returns. Since workers can use their hands and eyes better, they can pick items quicker, which saves on paying for extra work time.

How a WCS Helps the Devices Communicate

Some people compare a WCS to the brain of a warehouse – and rightfully so! After all, WCS tells devices like barcode scanners, RFID readers, AGVs, and voice picking systems what to do and when. This keeps everything running effectively without needing people to step in and make decisions all the time. 

You simply have to make sure your warehouse devices work together well – a proven WCS can help you do exactly that. Not only does it save time for everyone working in your warehouse but also helps avoid costly mistakes.

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